Inuvialuit Business List

Comprehensive Cooperation and Benefits Agreements (CCBAs)

IRC enters into Comprehensive Cooperation and Benefits Agreements (CCBAs) with oil and gas companies exploring for natural gas within the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR). The agreements outline the terms and conditions under which companies will provide employment, training and business opportunities for Inuvialuit. The agreements are supplemented on an individual project basis by Participation and Access Agreements - issued by the Inuvialuit Land Administration (ILA).

Inuvialuit Business List (IBL)

In August 2000, the IRC Board of Directors created a policy outlining the role of the Inuvialuit Business List (IBL) for both Inuvialuit and oil and gas companies. The intent of the IBL is to promote economic development within the ISR and to ensure that the benefits of any development go to Inuvialuit. The IRC policy is designed to ensure legitimate Inuvialuit businesses have an advantage in economic development within the ISR and it also aims to be fair to all businesses by ensuring they are truly Inuvialuit and not facades or marketing arrangements.

The maintenance and review of the IBL includes testing for certain criteria such as Inuvialuit ownership and capability. Applicants that meet the criteria may be included on the list and applicants that fail to meet the criteria will not be included. Businesses already on the IBL that cannot meet the criteria will be removed from the list. The onus is on each business to demonstrate Inuvialuit ownership and prove capability in each product or service area in which it claims such capability.

If you have any questions regarding the IBL, contact Tara Day at or (867) 777-7056.


Aboriginal Business Directory

Aboriginal businesses can increase visibility by registering in the Aboriginal Business Directory (ABD). In order to increase procurement opportunities for businesses, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada in collaboration with Industry Canada, maintains an on-line Aboriginal business directory that streamlines and simplifies the registration process. Please click here for further information.

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