The Inuvialuit belong to three linguistic groups. Collectively the three dialects they speak are known as the Inuvialuktun language:

Uummarmiut Siglit Kangiryuarmiut
Hello atitu atitu haluuqtuq
Good Bye ilaatnilu ilaannilu or qakugulu ublaakun
Good Morning uvlaami ublaami ublaami
Thank You quyanaq or quyanainni quyanainni quana
You're Welcome amiunniin amiunniin nam-maktak
How Are You? qanuq itpit? qanuq itpit? qanuq ipit?
I'm Fine. Good. nakuurunga nakuuyumi or
nakuuyumi assi
Yes ii ii ii
No naagga naaggai imannaq
That's All! taima or tahamma taima taima

Unfortunately, Inuvialuktun is classified as an endangered language because it is spoken by fewer than 50% of the population, many of whom are elders.

The Inuvialuit Cultural Resource Centre was opened in May 1998. Together with the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation it has supported several oral history projects. Its mandate includes: