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Message from the Chair

This message will be updated at quarterly intervals alongside the IRC Board Summary Newsletter.

Please check back often for a new message and update from the chair. 

Hello Inuvialuit,

As the school year begins, IRC wants to stress the importance to all students of keeping up attendance with continued support from parents, families and school faculties. IRC has made it a priority to enhance support to all beneficiaries in pursuit of a higher education. With additional capacity staff in the communities and at IRC, all are geared to work and support beneficiaries. For the second year, the Inuvialuit Education Foundation saw increased funding in their programs. As a result, this has doubled the number of beneficiaries helped by IEF in their post-secondary education pursuits.

Recognizing a growing Inuvialuit population, there was an increase to the Inuvialuit Harvesters Assistance Trust to alleviate the high demand on communities and the IHAP program. Also seeing significant investments was the Heritage Fund assigned to each of the Community Corporation.

IRC is working with many Federal Government departments to offer enhanced community programs. This has increased IRC’s Contribution Agreements from $9 million to over $32 million per annum. With some of these becoming multi-year programs, this will certainly elevate the quality of programming for communities and Inuvialuit. To ensure the tracking of program delivery, IRC has adopted processes to ensure positive outcomes as well as accountability.

Focusing on Youth, IRC is organizing an Inuvialuit Youth Council for the region. Recently, a delegation of young Inuvialuit attended the National Inuit Youth Summit in Nain, Nunatsiavut with positive reports of Inuvialuit youth engagement and demonstrated leadership. IRC has increased support to Youth attending different national or international forums. These help Youth to develop their personal capacities while broadening an understanding of issues that take place outside of the ISR and which could have an direct impact on Inuvialuit. These included the National Inuit Youth Summit, the National Science Camp, Students on Ice, the C3 Expedition and the Athletes and Cultural performers in attendance at the North American Indigenous Games.

IRC’s focus to is develop Inuvialuit capacity and training so more beneficiaries can take on key roles in the organization. IRC will continue to support all staff development for the betterment of the overall Inuvialuit Corporate Group. Inuvialuit representatives were added to the IDC and IIC Boards to build capacity in their respective roles.

IRC continues to promote the need to develop more infrastructure regionally and pursue a Regional Energy source that provides stability and opportunity including a local source and long-term employment/benefits for communities.

On a final note, the application of IRC’s Strategic Plan continues to indicate positive results with many initiatives underway or near completion. IRC works closely with the other Inuit land claim organizations in preparation for the next set of Inuit/Crown Partnership meetings with Canada.

Quyanainni! Koana! Quyanaqpak!

Duane Ningaqsiq Smith
Chair and Chief Executive Officer
Inuvialuit Regional Corporation