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ILA Recognizes Two Workers With Environment Monitor Award

Award-winner Mary Cockney, with Charles Klengenberg and Duane Smith

On November 23, Inuvialuit Land Administration recognized Mary Cockney and Ricky Joe with the Environment Monitor "Roy (Sugloo) Smith" Award.

ILA is the division of Inuvialuit Regional Corporation responsible for managing and administering Inuvialuit-owned lands in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region.

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Mary Cockney

Mary is an outstanding worker, willing to work under any weather, terrain, or camp conditions. She began with ILA in 2008 and most recently worked on the Inuvik Tuk Highway.

Ricky Joe

Ricky's dedication, determination, and commitment to monitoring are all assets to the Inuvialuit. He began with ILA in 2013 working on the Inuvik Tuk Highway. Today he is with Parks Canada.