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Research at a Glance

This page highlights some ongoing research initiatives by Inuvialuit Regional Corporation.

While not a exhaustive list of all activities currently being worked on, this page will rotate to provide a glimpse of the overall work being done.

Completed projects are available on the Documents and Resources page.

Development of an Inuvialuit Food Security Strategy

In 2008, 362 Inuvialuit beneficiaries completed a series of questionnaires about their health as part of the Inuit Health Survey. A key finding was that 46% of Inuvialuit households were food insecure. In other words, 46% of Inuvialuit who participated in the study were either stressed that they would not have enough food to eat or had to skip meals.

In response to this finding, IRC teamed up with University of Ottawa researchers to conduct regional workshops in Inuvik in 2012 and 2014 to begin to determine and prioritize actions to address on-going food insecurity in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region.

Workshop participants highlighted the importance of speaking with members of each community in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region to determine local priorities. As a result, we conducted a regional food security engagement process in winter 2018.

This engagement builds on a series of collaborative food security research projects since 2014.


Between February and March 2018, focus groups on Community Food Security were conducted in all six communities in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (two focus groups were held in each community) by Inuvialuit Regional Corporation, in partnership with researchers at the University of Ottawa.

Each focus group brought together a small gathering of community members to discuss different goals for a food security strategy, existing programs, and resources that support food security in their community, actions or programs that are currently missing in the community, and possible solutions and resources needed to achieve food security goals.

Additionally, more than a dozen interviews were conducted with community leaders and store managers about ways to improve food security in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region.


In Phase Two of the Inuvialuit Food Security Strategy development process, during spring and summer 2018, IRC will prepare a comprehensive report to summarize the findings of the winter 2018 community engagement. Additionally, select follow-up interviews will be conducted to fill information gaps and refine the content of the report.

In Phase Three (fall 2018), the report will be presented to each community in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region to verify its information and ensure that it effectively represents the perspectives and priorities of each community about how to improve food security.



Jullian MacLean
Project Director, Health Methods and Data
Tel: (867) 777-7013


If you have any questions concerning these, or other research projects, please contact: 

Bob Simpson
Director, Government Affairs
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