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Northern Services

Northern Services

Inuvialuit Development Corporation (IDC) is a 100 per cent Inuvialuit-owned for profit holding company, with a wealth of experience growing leader businesses in the northern services industry.

IDC has cultivated a diversified, growth-oriented portfolio as the business arm of the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC).



Pan Arctic Inuit Logistics Corporation (PAIL) under a joint venture with ATCO Frontec Corp. of Calgary, operates and maintains the Canadian portion of the North Warning System on behalf of the Department of National Defence (DND) through their mutual agent Nasittuq Corporation.

PAIL is 100% owned and controlled by the Inuit in the four Inuit land claims settlement regions of Canada, acting through their respective "heritage organizations". PAIL's seven shareholders are the Inuvialuit Development Corporation (IDC); Nunasi Corporation; Makivik Corporation; the Labrador Inuit Development Corporation (LIDC); Qikiqtaaluk Corporation; Sakku Investments Corporation, and Kitikmeot Corporation.

A major objective, that continues to be pursued by PAIL in relation to its involvement in NWS operations and maintenance activities, is to encourage the employment and training of Inuit in the various jobs that are associated with the NWS, and in this way contribute to the ability of Inuit to participate more fully in the Northern and Canadian workforce and economy in general. In its NWS activities PAIL also encourages business and economic development.

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The Stanton Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Inuvialuit Development Corporation.

Stanton Group Ltd. is an Inuvik-based food distribution company. Using the full range of transportation options available in the North-fixed-wing, on- and off-strip aircraft, helicopters, marine vessels, highway, ice road and overland vehicle support - Stanton staff are experienced in supplying top-quality, professional and dependable food services to exploration and development companies across the western Arctic.

With its extensive knowledge of the region's transportation infrastructure, Stanton has specialized in provisioning camps and catering to oil and gas operations in the western Arctic, onshore and offshore, since 1982.

Stanton also services the Inuvik area and surrounding communities through a modern, cash and carry, retail grocery centre along with a retail Store in Tuktoyaktuk and Aklavik.

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A partnership between the Inuvialuit Development Corporation and Northwestel, Tundra Communications is uniquely positioned to offer a full suite of products and services. The goal of Tundra Communications is to deliver top tier telecommunications services to natural resource companies operating in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, while providing employment and careers for Inuvialuit beneficiaries, all the while ensuring a fair share of the economic benefits from these industries remain in the ISR and in the North.

We will offer both satellite and microwave based technologies to provide voice, internet and data services in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region.

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