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Inuvialuit Development Corporation (IDC) is a 100 per cent Inuvialuit-owned for profit holding company, with a wealth of experience growing leader businesses in the transporation industry.

IDC has cultivated a diversified, growth-oriented portfolio as the business arm of the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC).



Offering both scheduled and charter fixed-wing service across the Western Arctic, Aklak Air excels in providing efficient, secure and safe transportation for people, goods and material on a cost-competitive basis. Aircraft are flown by dual flight crews trained in cockpit management and hold Transport Canada Instrument Flight Ratings. All flights are provided by our custom selected fleet, maintained to the highest Transport Canada standards and safety certified.

Geologists, oil exploration personnel, land surveyors - they all rely on Aklak Air to get them into some of the most remote locations in the Western Arctic.

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Canadian Helicopters Limited (CHL) is the largest helicopter transportation company operating in Canada and provides a diverse range of helicopter services throughout the country. Within the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, helicopter services are provided through Canadian Helicopters in partnership with Inuvialuit Development Corporation. The joint venture has a significant presence in the Mackenzie Delta-Beaufort Sea region, providing flying support to oil and gas exploration, mining exploration, environmental monitoring, scientific research and national defense. In the challenging field of Arctic logistics, Canadian Helicopters' experience is unparalleled.

With over 50 years of experience flying in Canada's north, Canadian Helicopters can offer the highest standard of safe, reliable and cost competitive helicopter service in the Western Arctic.

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Canadian North and its founding companies (CAI, PWA, Transair, Nordair) have provided safe, reliable air travel across the North and to southern hubs for over 85 years.

Canadian North is a striving, wholly-owned company in the IDC portfolio that provides superior air service to all northerners, including the over 35,000 Inuvialuit and Inuit shareholders.

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