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Inuvialuit Business List (IBL)

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC) has established a policy that outlines the eligibility criteria to be listed as an Inuvialuit business on the Inuvialuit Business List (IBL). The criteria includes requirements relating to Inuvialuit ownership, physical presence and operational capacity.

Applicants that fail to meet the eligibility criteria will not be included on the IBL. Likewise, businesses on the IBL that cease to meet the required criteria will also be removed from the list.

Review the IBL Policy

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A listing on the IBL provides Inuvialuit businesses with the opportunity to access the contracting preferences as outlined in the Inuvialuit Final Agreement, Inuvialuit Land Administration permits, Cooperation and Benefits Agreements and other economic agreements signed between IRC, government and industry.

Learn more about Cooperation and Benefits Agreements

Business Listings

Mackenzie Delta Geomatics provides premier geomatics solutions to pipeline, mining, industrial, oil and gas, transportation, infrastructure and energy projects in the Northwest Territories.

The Mackenzie Hotel is Inuvik's only full-service hotel and Inuvik's Executive Choice.  We can acccommodate all of your event needs, Catering, banquet rooms, boardrooms, private functions, etc.

Janitorial services - commercial or residential

Goods and Services:

Nappaq Design & Construction Ltd

Nappaq Design & Construction is a construction company based in Inuvik, Northwest Territories.

Offering restaurant services in Tuktoyaktuk. 
Daily cabin rentals
Boat tours
Aurora Viewing
Snowmobile tours
Vehicle rentals

Northwind has equipment for road construction, relocation services, long haul trucking, demolition, oilfield services, to name a few.

Goods and Services:

  • Tire repair and service
  • Heavy equipment repair and service
  • Automotive parts, service and repair