Inuvialuit Harvesters Assistance Program Application

Effective in 2022, and after community consultations, the IRC Board was unanimous in passing updates to the IHAP policies.

New documents and updated forms are now available for 2022 that reflect the updates.

IRC would like to advise all Beneficiaries of the following improvements to IHAP:

  • Increase in assistance for major items from $5000 to $7500 (or up to 75% of the total cost).
  • Increase in assistance for minor items from $1000 to $2500 (or 75% maximum).
  • Cabin material is now added to the list of major items (in addition to remaining on the minor).
  • Applicants must be enrolled as an Inuvialuit beneficiary (18 years and older and of legal age).


Please call Shelly Hendrick IRC Community Support and IHAP Manager with any questions at:

867 777 7045 or email