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Inuvialuit Final Agreement

After ten years of negotiations, the Government of Canada and the Inuvialuit signed the Inuvialuit Final Agreement (IFA) June 5, 1984. It was the first comprehensive land claim agreement signed north of the 60th parallel and only the second in Canada at that time. 

In the IFA, Inuvialuit agreed to give up their exclusive use of their ancestral lands in exchange for certain other guaranteed rights from the Government of Canada. The rights came in three forms: land, wildlife management and money. 

Goals of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement

The basic goals of the IFA, as expressed by the Inuvialuit and recognized by Canada, are to:

  • Preserve Inuvialuit cultural identity and values within a changing northern society.

  • Enable Inuvialuit to be equal and meaningful participants in the northern and national economy and society.

  • The IFA's economic principles are expressed by the need for full Inuvialuit participation in the northern Canadian economy through the development of an adequate level of economic self-reliance and a solid economic base. The establishment of Inuvialuit Development Corporation helped to fulfill this goal.
  • Protect and preserve the Arctic wildlife, environment and biological productivity.

IFA-101 Website

IFA-101 illustrates IRC’s commitment to increasing the understanding and importance of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement. This website currently houses a digital version of the IFA document – indexed and searchable. Soon it will be annotated with additional information as well as explanations on the intent of various provisions in plain language.

Visit the IFA-101 Website

This will soon be linked to the “Understanding the IFA” e-learning program module being developed with more interactive content to help individuals increase their knowledge of the intent, meaning, and application of the IFA.

IFA-101 is the joint efforts of all Inuvialuit organizations and co-management boards.

Inuvialuit Trust

Under the Inuvialuit Final Agreement, each Inuvialuit enrolled as a beneficiary shall share equally in the benefits received by various Inuvialuit corporations and distributed through the Inuvialuit Trust.

Each eligible Inuvialuit eighteen years or older shall be entitled to enrol as a beneficiary and upon acceptance shall receive a non-transferable trust unit certificate (or just say a “trust certificate”) in the Inuvialuit Trust.