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Research Data Specialist  Inuvik, NT – Full-Time – Two Year Term Position

Closing Date: 
February 14, 2020

Are you interested in being part of innovative and exciting research data projects such as enhancing artic research data infrastructure and data mobilization? 

The Inuvialuit Regional Corporation invites applications for the position of Research Data Specialist in Inuvik, NT. Under the guidance of the Director of Innovation, Science & Climate Change, the Research Data Specialist will ensure efficient use of data allowing the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation to realize the benefits of research and information sciences in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR). 

Specific Skills & Abilities: 

• Enhance existing internal research data infrastructure to include multi-relational statistical/spatial data which follows an interoperable and service-oriented workflow; 

• Establish, adopt and/or implement standards to support interoperable data cataloguing, discovery and utilization; 

• Support the development and delivery of training modules related to research data, infrastructure and analytical tools; 

• Facilitate sustained and timely access through the enhancement of useful, useable, and interoperable systems (i.e. Inuvialuit Indicators, ARDI, ISRP) 

• Coordinate public information opportunities (social media, newsletter) regarding IRC research data infrastructure; 


 Education, Experience and Knowledge: 

• Master of Arts or Master of Science with a minimum of 2 years related work experience or; o Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in a related field with a minimum of 7 years related work experience or; 

o College Diploma in a related field with over 12 years related work experience. 

• Two years experience in project planning, management and proposal writing 

• 3 years experience in database management, data sciences and data infrastructure 

• Knowledge of relational databases and various data types 

• Competency in the Microsoft, ArcGIS, SPSS and other data software packages; 

• Ability to plan, schedule, supervise, conduct, evaluate, and report on projects and programs 

• Knowledge of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, the Inuvialuit Final Agreement (IFA), and the cooperative management structures established pursuant to the IFA 

• Willingness to travel within and outside the Inuvialuit Settlement Region. 


Priority consideration will be given to beneficiaries of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement. 

Deadline to apply is February 14, 2020. Should this opportunity interest you, please submit a cover letter and resume in confidence to 

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation - Human Resources Division Fax: 888-872-4172