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2019 IRC Chair and CEO Election

All Candidates Forum

Date: January 28, 2019

Time: 9:30am

Place: Midnight Sun Complex, Community Hall, Inuvik, NT


1. The Forum is intended to support open and respectful exchanges of ideas. Aggressive, demeaning, discriminatory or otherwise hurtful language and actions will not be tolerated. The moderator may ask individuals acting in such a way to leave the Forum.

2. Each candidate will have a maximum of 10 minutes to provide a Candidate Statement outlining their election priorities. The moderator will give a signal to the candidate when 1 minute remains and will stop the candidate at the 10-minute mark. Candidates must deliver their own Candidate Statement.

3. The order of Candidate Statements will be decided at the Forum by drawing names.

4. Once all of the Candidate Statements have been delivered, the 42 Directors may ask questions of the candidates.

5. Only Directors are permitted to ask questions. Directors are encouraged to keep their questions to less than 1 minute to ensure enough time for everyone who wants to ask a question. Directors are not required to ask a question.

6. The moderator will invite one question from one Director from each Community Corporation at a time. If Directors ask multi-part questions, the moderator may limit candidate responses to the first question asked. The order of Community Corporations will be reverse alphabetical.

7. Each candidate will have an opportunity to answer each question with a maximum answer time of 2 minutes. The moderator will give a signal to the candidate when there are 20 seconds left. The order of Candidate Responses will change for each question to ensure fairness to all candidates.

8. Once each set of Community Corporation Directors has had a chance to ask a question, the moderator will continue to invite questions from each set of Community Corporation Directors on a rotating basis. If there is not enough time to complete a full round of questions, community names will be drawn to fill the remaining time available.

9. Observers and others in attendance are not permitted to ask questions or make comments during the Forum.

10. Community Corporation Members may communicate with the directors of their Community Corporations in person or by means of other communication technology insofar as it does not interfere with any part of the Forum.

11. Forum participants may not interrupt one another.

12. If necessary, Candidates and Directors may ask procedural or logistical questions of the moderator.

13. Candidates may not use text or other communication technology during the Forum except for emergency purposes. Candidates may use speaking notes and writing material but may not use visual presentation materials.

14. No candidate or other participant may use or bring campaign materials of any kind into the Midnight Sun Complex.

15. Time limits on statements, questions and answers will be enforced by the moderator during the Forum.

16. The moderator may intervene if any of these Ground Rules are not followed.