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Billy Joss Open Celebrates Another Successful Tournament In 2018

Billy Joss Open Golf Tournament. Ulukhaktok, Northwest Territories.

The world's most northern nine-hole golf course was once again home to the Billy Joss Open, held July 13 to 15, 2018 in Ulukhaktok.

The tournament is a summer tradition in the community, having been held for the past 31 years.

This year, over 25 golfers participated in the event - including eight up-and-coming youth players!

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation would like to congratulate all of the golfers that took part in this year's Billy Joss Open. And a special thank you to anyone that worked or volunteered over the course of the weekend - without you these great events in our region would not exist!

You can view a list of the results below.

Photo: Trudy Akoaksion

Full Results



First Place: Dale Nigiyok (34+36+40 = 110)
Second Place: Brendan Kanayok (38+36+36 = 110)
Third Place: Curtis Banksland (36+38+37 = 111)



First Place: Louise Nigiyok (58+49+51 = 158)
Second Place: Jane Okheena (58+49+53 = 160)
Third Place: Margaret Akoakhion (57+54+54 = 165)



First Place: Peter Okheena (39+40+39 = 118)
Second Place: Colin Okheena (42+45+40 = 127)
Third Place: Richard Notaina (41+45+42 = 128)



First Place: Kolten Inuktalik (53+52+51 = 156)
Second Place: Mala Klengenberg (61+57+62 = 180)
Third Place: Nigel Kataoyak (62+69+52 = 183) 


Long Drive

Youth: Kolten Inuktalik (237 yards)
Ladies: Margaret Akoaksion (120 yards)
Men: Nathan Okheena (268 yards)
Masters: Peter Okheena (184 yards)



Youth: Preston Aleekuk (4 ft, 1 in.)
Ladies: Adele Alonak (4 ft, 1 in.)
Men: Curtis Banksland (10 ft, 7 in.)
Masters: Richard Notaina (7 ft, 5 in.)



Youth: Mala Klengenberg (in the hole)
Ladies: Adele Alonak (2 ft, 2.5 in.)
Men: Vincent Alonak (in the hole)
Masters: Peter Okheena (9 ft, 9.5 in.)


Other Events

Lowest round: Dale Nigiyok
Highest round: Annie Inuktalik
6 hole, 3 par winner: Dale Nigiyok
Volunteer draw (one Aklak Air pass): Aiden Banksland

If you have any questions about the Billy Joss Open, please contact:

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
Tel: (867) 777-7000