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Bronze Medal For Inuvialuk At Canada-Wide Science Fair

Bronze Medal For Inuvialuk At Canada-Wide Science Fair

Tyra Cockney-Goose was awarded a bronze medal in the senior division at last week's Canada-Wide Science Fair for her experiment on sleep deprivation.

The Grade 12 student qualified for the national competition after placing first in a regional science fair at East Three Secondary School. She was one of three students representing the Beaufort Delta Education Council.

The Canada-Wide Science Fair, which was held in Ottawa from May 13 to 18, 2018, is the finale within the National Science Fair Network. The competition brings together 500 young scientists from across Canada and encourages them to solve real world issues through science, technology, engineering, and math.

Her experiment at the Canada-Wide Science Fair was the only medal-winning entry by a Northwest Territories participant and the first for a Beaufort Delta student since 2013.

Cockney-Goose hopes that her experiment, and the results from it, will encourage herself and others to value the importance of sleep. 

For those having trouble, she suggests to do homework earlier, avoid the use of phones at night, and purchase better blinds to block out light.