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Community Owned Network Training in Ulukhaktok

Community Members of Ulukhaktok

The Internet Society is offering free training on how to build and run a community-owned Internet service provider in Ulukhaktok. No prior experience or technical ability is required and everyone is welcome!


Sign up now to learn how to:

· Build and operate a network for the Hamlet of Ulukhaktok

· Manage finances for the network

· Access money to build and maintain a network

· Secure a network to keep subscribers safe online

· Work with the community to make sure the network is successful

The training will take place over eight weeks and will include in-community workshops and conference calls and/or online (where possible). At the end of the training, participants will build a community network in Ulukhaktok!


What is a Community Network?

· Community networks are “do it yourself” networks built and managed by a local group to meet their own communication needs, like bringing affordable Internet to their community.

· They are the result of people working together, combining their resources, organizing their efforts, and connecting themselves in order to close both connectivity and cultural gaps. 

· Community networks may be built and managed by individuals, local organizations, private sector entities, and/or government bodies, and they usually operate on a cost-recovery basis.

· This training will offer you a deep understanding of the technology behind a community network and the skills necessary to run it.

To learn more, sign up today: Or email Katie Jordan ( with any questions!


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