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ICEDO Evaluating 'Drone School' For Future Projects

A drone flying in the air.

Held two weeks ago through Aurora College in Inuvik, 'drone school' was a three-day ground school training course for unmanned aerial vehicles. This safety course provided aerial drone operators with the proper understanding of airspace rules and regulations, and also gave them the opportunity to earn their restricted operator's certificate for radio communication. 

Dez Loreen, manager of Inuvialuit Communications Society (ICS), and David Stewart, video production manager at ICS, participated in the course through funding made available by Inuvialuit Community Economic Development Organization (ICEDO).

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With this being the first offering of the course at Aurora Campus in Inuvik, ICEDO utilized the pair's involvement as a way to evaluate the course's content. Their assessment could factor into further projects that may identify demand for these particular skills and prepare business models for individuals and community organizations.

The training and certification will also be beneficial as ICS continues to share Inuvialuit-specific stories.

"Flying helps tell your story with more depth," said Stewart to CBC News. "This will allow us to create much better imagery of the North, in a safe legal way."

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