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Inuvialuit Athletes Find Success At 2018 Arctic Winter Games

Team NT in Arctic Sports at the 2018 Arctic Winter Games. Photo by Tusaayaksat Magazine.

The South Slave 2018 Arctic Winter Games were held in Hay River and Fort Smith from March 18 to 24 and welcomed more than 2,000 athletes, coaches, mission staff, officials, and cultural performers, who represented nine circumpolar delegations.

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The Games bring together Northern and Arctic athletes to promote the benefits of sport, build partnerships and friendships, and promote culture and values.

This year, Team NT finished with 102 ulu-medals – good enough for fifth place – and Inuvialuit Regional Corporation would like to congratulate the Inuvialuit athletes that helped contribute to that total.

Kobe KeevikSILVER – Arm Pull Junior Male
Anges KrenhnektakGOLD (x2) – Two Foot High Kick Junior Female, Alaskan High Kick Junior Female
Noel Cockney BRONZE – Sledge Jump Open Male
Monica AreyGOLD – Hand Games Juvenile Female - BRONZE – Pole Push Juvenile Female
Annie ErigaktoakGOLD – Hand Games Juvenile Female - BRONZE (x2) – Snow Snake Juvenile Female, Pole Push Juvenile Female
AJ CharlieGOLD – Midget Male Hockey
Jacob KlengenbergBRONZE – 3 x 3.0 km Relay Junior Mixed
Kyran AlikamikSILVER – 7.5 km Mass Start Juvenile Male
Braeden PicekGOLD (x3) – 1000 m Individual Junior Male, 1500 m Individual Junior Male, 3000 m Relay Junior Male - BRONZE – 500 m Individual Junior Male
Kaleb PicekSILVER - 3000 m Relay Juvenile Male - BRONZE – 400 m Individual Juvenile Male
Keenen Wolki JacobsonSILVER – Junior Male Basketball
Kyra McDonaldSILVER – Junior Female Hockey
Liam LarocqueSILVER – Junior Male Basketball

IRC would also like to congratulate the many other Inuvialuit athletes, officials, coaches, and chaperones who proudly participated in the South Slave 2018 Arctic Winter Games: Brayden Teddy, Chantel Gruben, Charles Komeak, Clorese Nogasak, Edgar Kuptana, Ernie Bernhardt, Frank Elanik, Gerry Kisoun, Henson Nasogaluak, Jacob Lennie Blake, Jasmine Gruben, Jeffery Amos, Joe David Nasogaluak, Joel Arey, Karlene Green, Keegan Arey, Kendall Archie, Kieran Ritias, Kieron Sidney, Kolton Gordon Ruben, Kristin Jacobson , Larsen Nasogaluak, Lena Kotokak, Logan Arey, Madison McLeod, Matthew Anikina , Michelle Conley, Mikayla Jacobson, Paris Wainman, Robin Raddi Jr, Steve Cockney, Tianna Gordon Ruben, and Underwood Day

If we have made a mistake, or accidentally left someone out, please let us know and we will update the list of names or results. Thank you!

If you have any questions about Inuvialuit participation at the 2018 Arctic Winter Games, please contact:

Taylor Giffin
Communications Coordinator
Tel: (867) 777-7055