IRC Launches "IFA-101" Website

IRC Launches "IFA-101" Website

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC) Chair and CEO Duane Ningaqsiq Smith today announced the launch of a website – – as a first step to illustrate IRC’s commitment to increasing the understanding and importance of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement (IFA).

IRC is developing IFA-101 to bring forward the knowledge, making it publicly accessible. It will consist of a suite of communication, orientation and awareness-raising resources that will be of benefit to Inuvialuit beneficiaries, and to industry and government officials working with the Inuvialuit in the implementation of the IFA and other agreements and arrangements.

Visit the IFA-101 Website

The website currently houses a digital version of the IFA document – indexed and searchable. Soon it will be annotated with additional information as well as explanations on the intent of various provisions in plain language. As a tool, this will be linked to the “Understanding the IFA” e-learning program module being developed with more interactive content to help individuals increase their knowledge of the intent, meaning and application of the IFA.

“IFA-101 is timely. Since the signing of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement (IFA) more than 33 years ago, there is a new generation of Inuvialuit. Many do not have first hand knowledge of the historical background to the IFA, how the IFA applies to the rights and responsibilities of beneficiaries, and how the IFA affects governance within the Inuvialuit Settlement Region. It is through this understanding that we must continue to assert Inuvialuit rights and benefits accorded to Inuvialuit under the IFA,” said Smith. “This will also stress the governments’ responsibilities of learning and implementing the IFA in a cohesive, proactive manner for accountability.”

IFA-101 is the joint efforts of all Inuvialuit organizations and co-management boards. IRC is pleased to take the lead in this important initiative.

For further information about the IFA-101 website, please contact:
Taylor Giffin or Peggy Jay
Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
Tel: (867) 777-7000