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IRC prepared to work with NWT Executive Council

(Inuvik, NT)-With election results for Premier and Cabinet decided in the 19th Legislative Assembly, Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC) anticipates a new approach with GNWT in regards to the many priorities outlined by Inuvialuit leadership at the most recent Territorial leadership forum.

IRC is pleased to see Mackenzie Delta MLA Frederick (Sonny) Blake Jr. acclaimed as Speaker and congratulates the seven Ministers elected to the Executive Council of the Northwest Territories.  IRC looks forward to working with all Ministers in their new portfolios.

“Respectful intergovernmental partnerships with consultation on policy, regulation and with direct funding arrangements to support specific, critical programs and services could build capacity and self-determination in our Region, and help to address disparities in education, health, and infrastructure between Inuvialuit and other Canadians,” offers IRC Chair and Chief Executive Officer Duane Ningaqsiq Smith. “IRC’s immense responsibility in support of rights and legislation, could be best achieved through shared leadership on the many issues -fulfilling the goals of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement.”

IRC will expect prompt modernization of N.W.T. legislation to meet new standards in Federal government.  Inuvialuit need to see more results in basic education, including an educational curriculum designed for the North.  IRC appreciates partnership to construct and maintain much needed housing, which increases local capacity and employment opportunities.   

IRC now welcomes Deputy Ministers and Territorial leadership to frequent our Region, encourages the use of IFA-101 e-learning modules, and hopes to see decentralization of services beyond Yellowknife.  IRC is looking forward to finding innovative methods for a healthier and more prosperous North by seeing real investments in the Region and new collaborative processes from the leadership of the newly elected NWT Legislative Assembly. 



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