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New PV System Installed During ICEDO's Solar Energy Workshop

A participant installs the new PV system installed during ICEDO's Solar Energy Workshop

In collaboration with Arctic Energy Alliance and Polar Knowledge Canada's Science and Technology Program, Inuvialuit Community Economic Development Organization (ICEDO) facilitated a four-day Solar Energy Workshop in March.

The workshop provided participants with an in-depth look at how photo-voltaic (PV) systems (solar panels and their associated hardware) work to collect and allow for the storage and immediate use of solar energy.

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As part of the Opportunities in Renewable Arctic Energy Initiative, participants from IDC Properties and Nappaq Design and Construction were provided the opportunity to install a 5kW net-metered PV system on top of ICEDO's country food freezer.

The hands-on aspect of the workshop successfully covered safety, installation of the racking/support systems for the panels, the PV panels, and the wiring and function of the system's inverter and monitoring system. The installation will offset the costs of operating the 40' freezer, contributing to the support for country food initiatives, availability and exchange across the Inuvialuit Settlement Region.

Continuous monitoring of the system's performance is achieved remotely through a web-based application. ICEDO aims to insert this live data for public viewing on the Inuvialuit website shortly.