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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: Beaufort Region Strategic Environmental Assessment, Synthesis and Report Package.

The Inuvialuit Regional Corporation, on behalf of the Beaufort Regional Strategic Environmental Assessment (BRSEA) Chairs (Inuvialuit Regional Corporation, Inuvialuit Game Council and Government of Canada: CIRNAC), is requesting proposals from interested and qualified proponents for the writing of the final BRSEA assessment.

The BRSEA is a multi-stakeholder undertaking that aims to promote engagement, education, monitoring, and research projects in the Western Arctic to support informed decision-making around possible future resource development and management, environmental conservation programs, community sustainable and subsistence activities, and other complementary commercial activities.

Its purpose is to assess the potential effects, including cumulative effects, on the human and environmental systems of the Beaufort Sea Region as monitored through the Valued Ecosystem Components, of alternative strategic initiatives, plans or programs (collectively “Scenarios”), associated with potential offshore oil and gas activities in the Beaufort Sea Region.

More information about the request for proposals can be found in the full request for proposal:

* The original proposal submission date (January 4th, 2019) has been extended by 7 calendar days to January 11th 2019. Amendment was approved on December 8, 2018. 



Photo credit: Gayle Gruben.