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Video: Duane Smith Talks About IFA-101 eLearning Program

IFA-101 eLearning Program

In anticipation of the upcoming release of the IFA-101 eLearning Program, Chair and CEO Duane Smith discusses the importance of creating awareness and curiosity around the Inuvialuit Final Agreement in the video below.

"We're finding that with the next generation coming along there needs to be better understanding, better tools out there with today's technology to inform not only beneficiaries but Canadians at large," Smith said.

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The program will not only help people understand the IFA, but will also encourage the continued learning of Inuvialuit culture. 

The first of the IFA-101 eLearning Program modules will be released this summer.


If you have any questions about the IFA-101 Project, please contact:

Peggy Jay
Manager, Public Relations
Tel: (867) 777-7004