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Watch: Robert Voudrach Shares His Story With Aurora College

Watch: Robert Voudrach Shares His Story With Aurora College

Robert Voudrach is an Aurora College alumnus and an Inuvialuit beneficiary who was born in Inuvik and raised in Tuktoyaktuk - but now calls Yellowknife home.

He is employed as a Technical Advisor at the North Slave District Office of the NWT Housing Corporation.

Robert’s education journey with Aurora College started with the Access Program in 2013-14 and within a year he had completed both his Aurora College program and achieved his NWT Secondary School Diploma. The following year, Robert completed the Business Administration Certificate at the Yellowknife North Slave Campus.

Robert is very proud of his Inuvialuit heritage and wants to share his culture with his children.

"My main goal is to go back home. And be able to give my younger children the experience of growing up in the north," he said. "To have the ability to possibly go and provide the same services to the housing corporation in Inuvik, I think I am very grateful for that."

When asked about his plans for the future, Robert said he wants “to continue to develop and serve the Northern people.”

Way to go, Robert! 

Please take a moment to enjoy the short video below.

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