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Nutrition North

Nutrition North

Each community within the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, with the exception of Inuvik, has community workers with IRC's Health & Wellness Division that help implement Nutrition North. These workers host cooking sessions in community halls and/or community kitchens. They also host food demonstrations in-store or wherever opportunities present themselves (local gatherings, special events, in schools, etc.). The target audience for Nutrition North activities is adults and elders in the community, however, youth and children are welcome to take part provided adequate supervision is available.

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Cooking sessions and food demos are dictated by available funding and the availability of resources in the community. The goal of the cooking sessions is to improve cooking skills, introduce novel foods and increase the intake of healthy foods (or food less associated with chronic disease). Additionally, cooking sessions encourage consumption of country food and use it whenever available. The goal of food demos is to introduce novel foods at the point of purchase and guide people to their shelf location within food retailers. Food demos also allow community members to learn new and simple snack recipes. 


Is it your turn to make dinner tonight? View a selection of healthy recipes below. 


Featured Recipe

Nothing beats cooking on the BBQ. Don't you agree?

Recipe creates four servings. Prep time: 20 minutes. Cook time: 10 minutes.

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If you want to learn more about current health initiatives, please contact:

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